• Jane29

    Short Real Blog

    November 8, 2009 by Jane29
    Let start off with Insomniacs resignation, it really sucks that Cheathappens is losing a great mod, probably the best. But I have a feeling you'll join back with the Clan again.

    Sorry for the non-activeness, I've just been really busy, midterm JUST finished, so I'll try and be more active for my friends I miss you all <3

    I'm also continuing to watch Dexter, which is an amazing show. Well written, and played out. I fell for a heartless emotionless murderer while I was watching the show. *sigh* I also love love the office, I'm waiting for my Avatar to be put in of Steve Carell. :P

    What else? That's about it...Hmm....still waiting for my first Volleyball game in awhile....I have a feeling the coach will cancel the team due to business. Anyway! …

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